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Discover The Secrets To Lose 
Weight With Simple 
Food Choices & NO Exercise
Joel lost was scared to start weight loss, not sure if able to follow a plan, addicted to sugar and in less than 90 days...
52 Lbs of weight GONE!
At age 21 - My belly fat was increasing fast....
Now at age 52, belly fat gone, feel amazing and have more strength than at age 21.
I can show you how to shed 
belly fat and be healthy.
No hormone supplements or creams, No injections, No drugs, No Crazy diets or eating all fat, 
and No hour long exercise!
This is NOT keto or any Multi-level scheme.
All Natural herbal supplements, real food, and a manual for easy directions.
I've written the book for it!
Age 21
Age 53
The Effects Of Being Overweight Or Obese
  • Low Energy
  • Joint Pain / Chronic Pain
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Knee/Hip/Back Pain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes
  • Poor Self-Image
  • Risk of Heart Disease & Cancer
  • Diminished Quality of Life
Did you know that 40% of all cancers are related to being overweight or obese?
Before I explain what are program IS – I want you to know what it IS NOT.
IT IS NOT: Keto, Paleo, Raw diet, excessive exercise or anything to do with exercise, intermittent fasting, fasting, crazy fad diets, shakes or those popular ones that you buy boxed food every month, have group meetings or count your calories.
Most programs are designed to lose weight slow. Ours is designed to lose weight fast and learn how to keep it off for life with a healthy realistic diet.
Some programs can cost between $275 and $600 a month depending on the plan you choose. So depending on how long it takes to lose 20-50 lbs or whatever your goal is, the cost can be quite high. 
 Our program is designed to get results rapidly. So you don’t spend a year trying to lose 20 or 30 lbs and spending $2,000 - $4,000 for the same results.
The IN8LIFE Rapid Weight Loss program was developed over 8 years ago on science, trial and error, and understanding that the sympathetic nerve system may be a critical part of losing weight and keeping it off.
PHASE ONE: 8 Day Cleanse & Detox
Purpose: Cleanse colon, bowels, and cells. Toxins get trapped in the cell and have to be removed for optimal fat loss and healing.
Foods: UNLIMITED Vegetables, lean meats and fish, raw nuts, eggs, avocado, and 2 fruits/day. Black coffee and tea are allowed. Increase water intake to ½ your body weight in ounces.
Products: IN8 Cleanse Complete & IN8 Fiber+ Goal: Cleanse and purify your body, prepare for rapid weight loss, and you can lose 3 – 10 lbs.

PHASE TWO: 20 or 40 Day Rapid weight loss 
Purpose: Reset your hypothalamus and hormones to burn belly fat. 
Foods: Specific vegetables, fruits, lean meats and fish, chicken, turkey, and eggs. Black coffee and tea are allowed, but continue to drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water per day.
Products: Continue taking the IN8 Cleanse Complete & IN8 Fiber+. Add SlimIN8, IN8 Pro, IN8 Chlorella, IN8 Cardio Max, IN8 Sugar Shield.
Goal: Retrain your habits and body physiology to a new lifestyle while losing ½ - 2 lbs a day of body FAT. 
PHASE THREE: 8 Day Retrain Phase
Purpose: Gently add back in new foods and increase calorie intake for life. Identify “trigger foods” (specific foods that cause weight gain).
Foods: Same foods and begin to add new foods listed in book.
Products: Finish taking products. Recommended to add Fish Oil and Vit D3.
Goal: Retrain your hypothalamus while maintaining weight.
PHASE FOUR: Eating For Life Transition to eat healthy foods for life. 
Learn to eliminate or control your trigger foods to keep weight off for life!

Everything necessary for complete success!
IN8 CLEANSE COMPLETE: Cleanses the cells from toxins to allow the body to burn fat for fuel. 
IN8 FIBER+: Cleanses the colon and GI system gently to expel toxins in just 2 weeks.
SLIM IN8: Strong appetite suppressant and stimulates the hypothalamus to turn on fat burning
IN8LIFE CHLORELLA: Deep cellular cleanse, minerals for nutritional support for healing
IN8 PRO: Probiotic with 4 different strains of bacteria and 40 million CFU’s (colony forming units)
IN8 CARDIO MAX: Improves blood, aids in controlling diabetes, diabetes, and blood pressure
IN8 SUGAR SHIELD: Block the enzyme amylase to block carbs to turn into fat cells
Weight Watchers       $75/Lb $699/ month            $1,508                          Many regain what they lose. Avg weight loss per year = 5 lbs!
Diatician/MD              $126/Lb                               $2,520                          Usually poor food choices and medication
Nutrisystem               $139/Lb $492/month            $2,780                          Pre-packaged meals 60% of plan.
In The Zone              $225/Lb $617/month            $4,500                          Not cost effective. Pre-packaged meals and monthly plans.
Jenny Craig              $237/Lb $812/month            $4,740                          1-2 pounds per week. 23 lbs. in one year. Not cost effective
Surgery                     $400/Lb                                $15,000 - $23,000       Very dangerous and expensive. Does not help lifestyle choices.
Local Programs        $150/Lb                                $1,800 – 3,000             Does NOT address Sympathetic stress and nerve system. Tendency to regain                                                                                                                            weight back.
IN8LIFE                    $3.45 - $45/Lb                    $69 – 1,495                   Works on Sympathetic Stress and Long-term healing. 
                                                                                                                   Keeping the 20-40 Lbs off in 8 weeks for life.
 *Duke Global Health Institute {2014} and National Business Research Institute Inc. All costs and results vary with each individual.
Shirley  101 Lbs in 11 months
Learn how Shirley lost 101 Lbs in Just 11 months
She tried everything
Acid Reflux
No Energy
Within days, she was losing weight, increased energy, and soon off her acid reflux meds
How would you feel if you ONLY lost half that?
Why do 95% of dieters regain their weight within 1-5 years
How to dramatically reduce disease risk
We Work Directly With Sympathetic Stress - A Hidden KEY Component 
To Weight Loss And Keep It Off For A Lifetime!
Shirley's Incredible Story
Why the heck would I do WEIGHT LOSS??

"I lost 60 Lbs! 
My blood pressure is normal, 
pain is gone and energy is up" 
But I must be very direct and to the point....
With over 150 diet plans and weight loss programs to choose from, I know that you are a skeptic. 
You should be.  Most do not offer what we offer.  In fact, the one key element of our program may be the #1 thing that you have been missing.  Diet after diet.  Month after month, and year after year.

Lose some weight and put it back on. On average, 95% will regain the weight back within 1-5 years.
This IS NOT about weight loss.....IT IS about changing 2 distinct factors that no one else is putting together.
We discovered nearly by accident.

Want to know????
     1. First is your Mindset. I know this sounds familiar. But extremely important. If you are not ready to lose weight - don't bother.  It will be a waste of your time and money. But it you are ready, this may super-launch you to lose weight extremely fast. You don't have to have this incredible energy...just a willingness to do it.

     2. Second is fixing your Sympathetic Stress Hormone Response: SSHR {The Secret Sauce}
I'll make this simple. This ONE Stressor may be the root of all your problems.
First - to lose weight
Second - To keep it off and STOP regaining it year after year
If you have SSHR, you will NEVER lose weight effectively and struggle to keep it off. 

Take The Quiz: Do You Suffer From
__ Gaining belly fat              __ High Blood Pressure               __ High Cholesterol
__ Crave Sugars & Fats      __ Poor Sleep                               __ Low Energy
**If you have even 2 of the 6 - You may be suffering from SSHR         
In a nutshell, Sympathetic Stress alters your hypothalamus, your hormones (cortisol goes up = belly fat storage), energy goes down, and you continue to crave sugars and fats. You will continue to store more fat. It won't come off with hours in the gym or eating salads all day. If it will not last.  
It's NOT your FAULT!  
If this sounds like you, you may be ready for an amazing transformation. 
The next step:
1. Call our office (724-327-5665) and schedule a time to talk with one of our specialist or the doctor. This will allow us to best direct your next step. You may need a consult to review your history, medications, and examine your stress levels. You may just need a phone consult and begin. We offer affordable plans starting at $69.
2. Not sure yet, but want to find out more?  Schedule a Free consult at our Murrysville office. ($97 Value)
Weight Loss Special : $39 Exam
1. Lean Screen Testing: Digital BMI, Body fat percentage, waist to hip ratio
2. pH test for acid/alkaline balance
3. Nutritional systems survey
4. Sympathetic Stress evaluation
  • Our testing and analysis is designed to identify exactly which program will give you the fastest results and long-term success.
  • ​Our patients have a very high success rate.
  • ​Our patients typically lose 5-15 Lbs in the cleansing process, eating all they want, and 20-40 Lbs overall within our 8 week program.
*Results vary per individual
Posture & the Spine with weight loss....This will Shock you!
It comes down to TWO things...
Dallas: before
Over 42 Lbs in 8 weeks
No More Belly Fat!
Dallas: after
Lost 62 Lbs in 5 months, off 4 Thyroid medications
Ask Yourself One Last Question
If you don't get the weight off and your health improved....
.....what will the next few years look like?
You have a decision. Call us and engage or continue to go your way.

But if you haven't lost weight and kept it off, have a distinct plan to succeed, it is most likely NOT going to happen. I have hired coaches for my improvement for over 20 years. I know that if I want to improve and grow, I must be taught be leaders in my profession.

You MUST do the same to succeed at a higher level.

Do the right thing and call us today. Begin this journey to a whole new you. You won't regret it.
Call Today  724-327-5665
Results may vary. These products and programs are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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